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Aug 28, 2008

Craft Fair: Knitting, Doll

This is cute.....I am going to make one in my next project. I have been knitting pullovers all the while (though I seldom wear them because of the hot and humid weather in Malaysia), I will post some photos later to show my works. This time I am going to make good use of my knitting skill on the doll, which I think will be a different kind of experience and satisfaction. It is totally different from knitting a pullovers, as it involves lots of stitching, add/extract of needles and some decorative facial features which requires an amount of handiness and versatility.
I was told that I need to use #3 knitting needles and double-strand of yarn, and the polyfill has to be compact enough to let the doll stand. Well, I will post my experience once I have finished one.

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