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Mar 29, 2009

Fresh New Look Of My Tote Bag

Finally, after a week of hardwork on the face-lifting, my old tote bag has a fresh new look!!!!
Taa Daaaaa....
A "Daisy Tote"!!!!

This takes a lot more than my original plan and why it took me so long to finish it :p. I was thinking of just crocheting a flower*** which I learned from an "Irish Crochet-Lace Book", sew onto it and sew a piece of simple internal lining with a zipped pocket.

***Remark: If you notice my blog header, you will see a picture of a similar white flower over there, that is the test piece I did monthssss ago.
As I work on it, the internal lining get more and more elaborate. I want it to be my new born baby's daiper bag, the internal lining must look soft and comfortable, so I did some diagonal quilt sewings onto it with a piece of poly-fluffy....

Then, I need something to hold the milk bottle or thermoflask upright so that it won't accidentally lay horizontal and cause liquids to leak out. If you experienced the leakage before you will know how messy it gets. I attached two elastic bands at the side of it to hold the bottles.

It is still not enough to be a diaper bag. What about the diapers and wet tissue? I want them to be in a proper place so that I can access them easily. Again, another strip of elastic band across the bag. I put a magnet button instead of dead stitching it for the elastic to hold the diaper and wet tissue independantly. In future, I can choose to accommodate wider things like books and don't have to take the stitches out. Flexible and adaptable to whatever occasion huh~
This is how the internal looks like in flat before I sew them into the tote. Upper is my diaper bag arrangement and it can transform to other bag (bottom) one day when my baby grows up. I believe this tote can last for years :)
As usual, I put my beautiful lable on the zipped pocket - "Handmade by Craftpassion" :)
I brought it out this morning for my 6 month-old's vaccination jabs and got these reactions from the clinic assistants. Their eyes stared at my daisy tote the moment I walked in and their eyes were watching the tote where ever I walked. Before I left, one of the clinic assistants finally articulated her desire and asked me where I bought this tote and it is so beautiful.... haa haa haa I was so happy and felt like floating up to the sky and replied "Oh thanks, it is the only one in the world and it was made by me". Their eyes turned so big like they don't believe it and seconds later they asked if I am going to make another one and sell to them, I just gave them a smile and replied politely " I am afraid not! This is specially for my baby".... oh the gratification is undescribable!!!! Wonders of HANDMADE, no two pieces of works are identical and the admiration spurs me on to create more!

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Mar 27, 2009

My New Plan On An Old Tote Bag

I dug this bag out from my wardrobe and in the spirit of recycling and Earth Hour, I am thinking of refurbishing it. It is a crochet tote bag I made about 10 years ago. It used to be my weekend bag when I would pair it up with loose and comfortable clothing. It is not a perfect bag as there aren't any compartments in it to segregate things out and no zip pocket to keep valuable things. I spent quite a lot of time to crochet it and I don't want to give it away, so I kept it in my wardrobe and think that I would think of something to do about it one day.

Time goes by and this poor little bag still lying in the deepest corner of my dark cold wardrobe. Its life will change, after of years of freezing, I am going to heat it up with my new plan. I have made something for it and I am going to redecorate it and give it a fresh new look!!!

So stay tuned and check it out later, yeah!

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Mar 26, 2009

Lights-Off And See Your World In A Whole New Light

EARTH HOUR - 28th March 2009, 8:30pm

I am going to do this for the sake of saving our Mother Earth. Please come and participate and your support is highly appreciated. It is time to help heal the Earth that we humans have been causing so much harm to for so long. Here's to a better future for our children!!!

On that night, my family and I plan to sit on the veranda by the garden and enjoy the moment of peace in the dark, no lights, no TV and no noise. Take a deep breath and feel the pleasure of the world before electricity and lights were invented. Let the moonlight shine on your face and the breeze blow through your hair!!!

"Support Earth Hour where ever you are"

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Mar 21, 2009

Tatting Lace

Have you ever been confronted with a limited choice of patterns when choosing lace from the shop? I do, and my sister does too. This is why she started learning and doing her own tatting lace. How about me? Why I didn't do it myself? I wish I could do it now... ah... too many new crafts to try out with so little time I have. I hope to do it one day and share with you my joys and sorrows throughout the process.
We love tatting lace, unlike those mass production machined laces, tatting laces are made from very fine cotton threads which are softly lustrous to give them a very refined appearance. Those photos shown above are the tatting laces my sister did by following the books. Her works are so fine that I couldn't find any flaws in them. It is not easy to tat from a series of knots and loops by using the tatting shuttles, the tension must be right in order to make a nice lace. One single mistake in the process, that's it, no way to correct it but to redo it again from the start.Share with me if you have any tatting experience!!!!

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Mar 16, 2009

Gift From A Fellow Craft Blogger - I Can't Wait!!!

Oh, I am so happy to receive an offer from LollyChops, a talented crafter I have been inspired by ever since I found her blog a month ago. I enjoy following her blog as she never fails to surprise me with many many great ideas. You should go to her blog to see her amazing work, especially this, this and this. She is very generous to share her tutorials, and even gives free downloads on her paper patterns. Her craft room is amazing! It is so neat and big, you'll have to see it for yourself, trust me, you will be drooling!
Back to the offer - She is giving me a fat quarters (size of 18 x 22 inch) of pear fabric. This is the last piece of fabric from her January Giveaway. She would like me to make a pear-shaped frame clutch purse, something like my Fish frame clutch purse but without the tail and lip. Doesn't she have a great eye to spot that! Yeah, my fishy purse body is pear-shaped but a chubby one, ha ha ha!!! The condition is that she just wants the photos, I get to keep the purse.

I am so excited and can't wait for the fabric to arrive and start working on it. I think it is gonna be a great purse!

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Mar 14, 2009

Turtle Pincushion - Greeny & Pinky

Did you get it right? [click here to see the question]. Yup, the hexagon quilt is for the back of my little turtle pincushion. Let me introduce ***drum roll***** WELCOME, Ms.Pinky and Mr. Greeny!!!
I created Greeny as an experiment, if you go back to my hexagon quilt tutorial post, you will see Greeny is hiding in the background as I photographed the steps. From idea, to paper, to sewing and finally the birth of my turtle pincushion, I created my first sea creature. The project went on smoothly and I never thought that I can be successful in the very first trial. Lucky me, I think!The toughest part for the hexagon quilting is the fabric matching part. I sat in my craft room with my pile of fabrics around me ***matching matching matching***, half a day gone by and I still can't make up my mind which colour theme to choose. Finally I decided to have a green male turtle, this is how Greeny was created and got his name!
Draw, draw, draw, cut, cut, cut and sew, sew, sew... taa daa.... here he is, exactly like what I had in mind! Yippy yah yah yah!!!He is so cute that I couldn't help myself and wanted to make another one. Mmmm, may be I should make one for my sister. She is as "crafty" as me and her work is so fine that every piece made is perfect. I will add her works into my blog to share with you all, and I hope she will grant me the permission to do so.
Ok, coming back to my turtle tale: --- Since Greeny is a male turtle, I want to make him a girlfriend [they ended up apart when I gave her away to my sister, sob, sob, sob :( ] .
What colour symbolize feminity? ***Pink***, yeah!!! I have some left-over pink felt from Chi-Chai Monchan felting that I had used as a part of the purse for my friend Sumay.
Sew, sew, sew.... Pinky is hatched!!!
Pinky is the improved version of Greeny, I made a bottom shell for her which Greeny doesn't have. I even machine-sew her back for 2 more circles to add more dimension. She has bigger eyes, she even has eye-lashes on it but it is too short to see in the photos :p

Ouch, ouch, ouch!!! Hubby said that I am too heartless, poking needles into them, wouldn't I feel their pain? They are pincushion afterall!!! So, I decided to fully utilize them by poking more pins into them.... Ouch, ouch, ouch!!!

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Mar 12, 2009

Basic Hexagon Quilting - Tutorial

I am doing bit of hexagon quilting during the weekend for a project. I am not telling what it is, you got to guess. Some photos here should give you a great hint!!! I will post up the finished piece, so come back later to check out. See if you get it right! Sorry, no prize!
Since I am doing it, I photographed the steps just to show you the process to make a hexagon quilt.
First, you need to cut out the hexagon shape cardboards and fabrics of your choice. The size of the fabric must be big enough so that you can fold it over like the picture shown below. An estimation of double the size of your hexagon cardboard is required.
Tack stitch the fabric while folding it to the cardboard as shown. This is to secure the fabric in place in the shape of a hexagon.

The back.The front.
With front facing each other, sew the 2 pieces up. Only pick the fabric to sew, not the cardboard.
After sewing a centre piece surrounding by 6 hexagons, you will get a flower look of 6 petels. The one I made (as shown on the first photo) is slightly different where I have 2 centre pieces and that make it look elongated like an oval shape. That is going to be my secret project that I will tell you later. So, stay tuned!

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Mar 11, 2009

KeroKeroPi Purse

This is the purse I finished off few days ago. It is supposed to be my friend's birthday gift but I ended up not being able to complete it in time. By the time she receives it, it will be a "belated bithday gift". Well, never too late to show the love to your friends, better be late than nothing..... Hope she don't mind :p Frankly speaking, I don't have many friends from so long ago. This friendship with this birthday girl is 15 years old. I especially cherish this friendship now because we are so far apart. She is residing in Hong Kong and I am in Malaysia. By the way, we met in UK during our studies and on first sight, I knew that she is a kind hearted girl, so adorable and helpful.We have so many pleasant memories to share though we only lived together for a year, yeah living in the same hostel, don't get me wrong. She was extremely crazy about Kerokeropi, so much so that she had a collection of them. I gave her a KeroKeoPi T-shirt many years ago as her birthday gift, now, KeroKeropi purse and it is my handmade piece especially for her.I hope she will like it!!!!

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Mar 5, 2009

Morning Dew

I woke up this morning and found these beautiful dewdrops all over the tips of my wheatgrass plants. So pretty that I have to take some pictures to show you!!!

Almost ready to harvest!!!!

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Mar 4, 2009

Sowing The Seed Of Health - Wheatgrass

I have been a bit of health conscious recently and have adopted better eating habits. One of the health foods I am trying out is wheatgrass, which is known to provide nutrition and has unique curative properties.
I wish to share the way I grow my wheatgrass and hope that you will try to grow some and start drinking it :)

1. Wheatgrass seed (organic), 3 table spoon (you can get it from your local organic store)
2. A bowl
3. Filtered Water
4. Polyfoam or shallow pot with proper drainage (I reused the polyfoam from my take-way)
5. Kitchen Towel
6. Organic soil

First of all you need to separate out the good and bad grains. Only pick those with whole grain shape seed to plant. You must take out the broken pieces as it will get rot and kill your wheatgrass plant.

Soak them for 24 hours with filtered water, water must cover above the seed for proper soaking.

After 24 hours, drain off the water and rinse the seed. If you see any broken pieces, pick it out and throw away. It happens sometimes to fail to spot it in the first round. Place a wet cloth over the bowl and cover it up for 8 hours. Let the seeds sprout.
Prepare the sowing ground for the seed. I poked some holes on my reused take-away polyfoam. Place a kitchen towel onto it.
Spread out the sprouted seeds evenly onto it.
Cover it with a thin layer of organic soil, just enough to cover the seeds.
Sprinke water until the soil gets wet thoroughly. You need to water it 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and night before bedtime.
Place it by the window for it to get some sunlight.
Wait and let the seeds grow.
This is what you are going to see in 1 or 2 days' time.
The wheatgrass will be fully grown between 6 - 8 days. you can either blend or juice it with other fruits and veges, or just purely the wheatgrass alone.
Sit back and enjoy a glass of healthy juice to rejuvenate the cells of your body!!!!

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Mar 2, 2009


Fused Grocery Plastic Sheet

Basic Hexagon Quilting

Chi Chain Monchan Frame Clutch Purse

Felting On Chi Chai Monchan

Handmade Frame Clutch Handbag

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Monkey Frame Clutch Purse - Tutorial

In my previous post, I showed you how to felt the monkey called Chi-Chai Monchan. This time, this tutorial is going to show you how to make the Monkey Frame Clutch purse that I made for my friend as a thank you gift. You don't need a sewing machine to do it, just your hand, a needle and thread!!!
1. Exterior fabric for A pattern, 2 pcs.
2. Exterior fabric for B pattern, 2 pcs.
3. Inter-lining fabric for A & B pattern, 2 pcs.each
4. Poly-sponge for A & B pattern, 2 pcs each
5. Iron-on interfacing for A & B pattern, 2 pcs. each
6. 8.5cm wide frame clutch (口金), 1 pc.
Finished product Dimension: Approx. 10.5cm W x 9.5cm H x 6.5cm D

Cut out the fabrics as per pattern shown above.
Iron on the interfacing by sandwiching the poly-sponge in between for pattern A & B respectively.Sew on Chi-Chai Monchan felt onto the right side of exterior fabric A (click here for the tutorial of making the Chi-Chai Monchan Felting). Embroider "Chi-Chai Monchan ♥ Bananas" onto another piece of fabric A.Tack stitching pink colour thread onto fabric B with about 2mm spacing for each stitch and 10mm width apart for each line. Prepare the slip pocket. I sew on my label onto it :)
Sew the slip pocket onto the inter-lining as shown.
Join fabric A & B by back-stitch A-B-A-B as shown, then complete it by stitching it to A again. Be careful on the bottom tip, just sew until the tip end, please don't go beyond that point.
This is the picture of how the bottom is supposed to look like before completing the joining. Clip curve near to the sticthing line (please don't cut the stitches) at the space of 1 cm as shown. This is neccessary to have a nice curvature at the corner of the purse. The wrong side should look like picture shown below.Flip it over and it should look like this.Repeat the above steps to the inter-lining. Iron the joint seams.
Again, the bottom of the 4-piece-joint should look like this.
Now, we have finished both interior and exterior pieces.
Turn the inter-lining (2) to the wrong side.
Insert (1) into (2).
Sew the upper portion by back-stitch.
Reserve half of the border unstitched. We are going to use this unstitched portion to gain access to turn the purse inside-out.
Pull out the exterior face from the unstitch gap.
Smooth out the inter-lining into the purse.Stitch up the unstitch portion to close the gap.

Tack-stitch the peripheral and get ready for the sewing the frame onto it.
Mark the centre line by water-erasable pen.
Stitch the frame with back-stitch, begin from the centre line. I used 4 strands of nylon thread to reduce the chances of thread breakage.


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