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Jan 12, 2009

Flower Frame Clutch Purse

I am now addicted to making frame clutch purses. Each and everytime whenever I have some spare time, my hands will just open up the sewing box and continue what I did last. While doing it, my brain will think of what pattern I want to do next, oh.... I am so crazy about it.

My passion for the frame clutch purse is linked to my childhood memories. I remember when my mum would bring me to the wet market, she will carry a small clutch purse where she keeps her money in. With one hand holding my small little hand and the other hand holding her purse. The money in that little purse is going to buy us food that last only for days. In order to get more food with that little money, my mum will negotiate over and over again to make sure that she will have the best price for them.
The one shown above is about 5"W x 4"H x 2"D in dimension which is ideal to keep coins and small change. I am doing another one and is about to complete. Will post up here soon, so please hang on.

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