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Jan 5, 2009

Handmade Frame Clutch Handbag - The Making Of

I am most delighted to share with you how to make the frame clutch handbag I posted since most of you ask me how to make it. It is not difficult but needs some patience and sewing skills. I did it with my normal household sewing machine and spent about a week on it.
First, choose the fabric you want to make, I prefer to use canvas or furniture fabric as they are thicker and firmer. Cut the fabric according to the shapes and sizes.
Attach the poly-sponge to the wrong side of the fabric. The sponge is needed to make the handbag look soft and puffy, I also used it for the applique quilting effect of the fabric.

Sew the outline of the printed patterns of the fabric together with the attached sponge.
This is how it looks after sewing it.
Sew the bottom part of the 2 largest pieces of the fabric, then sew the 2 smaller pieces plus a rim onto it. I used sewing machine's leather belt as the filling of the rim as it helps to make the handbag self-sustaining.

Cut the interior lining fabric exactly the shape and size of the exterior fabric, sew them up but this time without the rim. Add pockets if you want, I made 1 zip pocket and 2 slip pockets for it.
Lay the interior lining into the handbag. Lastly, assemble and sew the frame onto the upper part of the handbag, that's it....

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