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Feb 12, 2009

Handmade Frame Clutch Handbag - Flower

I made another frame clutch handbag, I am really crazy about it and I will continue to do this type of bag and purse for a while. My first frame clutch handbag is LEAVE motif, but this time it is in the theme of FLOWER..... This is a tougher project and took more of my time as I faced some obstacles throughout the process.
The problem with frame clutch is that the metal frame plus the clasp ball is heavy and that doesn't allow the bag to stand up straight. In order to make the structure firm, I ironed a layer of adhesive interfacing onto the upper part of the bag (plain brown colour fabric) to strengthen it's upright position.

Next, I had to put something on the blank area just to decorate it so that it won't look empty and boring.
Same as what I did to the LEAVE frame clutch handbag, I sewed the outline of the flower to make it look embossed likt those in patchworks.

If you missed my previous post on how to make the handbag, please click here to go there.
My next upcoming project will be on felting plus frame clutch purse, so stay tuned to watch how I develop it. It is a gift I made to my friend who assisted me in blog editing.

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