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Apr 17, 2009

Fabrics, Fabrics, Fabrics, I Love Fabrics

I love fabrics!!! The above 3 pieces of fabrics are my recent gifts.

Left - from sumay, my lovely editor for this blog. This fabric material is popular in making saree, a tradition garment for female in Indian subcontinent. I plan to make a nice and elegant frame clutch purse with it. I like the tassel-like dangly bits on it and will definitely retain it on the purse. May be I will add some beads on it to make it more classy and elegant.

Middle - from Lollychops. She saw my fish frame clutch purse and thinks that I could use this fabric to make a pear-shaped frame clutch to match the printed pears on the fabric. Her eyes are so sharp to spot the body of that fishy purse to resemble a pear, without the lip and tail of course :)

Right - a swap with Joanne of Ready.Set.Craft . I love the flower prints on it, I plan to make something denoting Springy season with it. Could be a tote bag, but I'm not sure yet :p

I love these fabrics so much so that I have to properly plan my work to ensure that I wouldn't ruin them with bad designs :)

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