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Apr 12, 2009

Little Girl Vintage Crocheted Dress

My friend, Sumay went to her friend's house and found these to share. Below are the photos she snapped to show, two well preserved and nicely handicrafted crochet dress by her friend's mum 33 years ago.


Hello this is Sumay here, Joanne's friend and a big fan of her blog. I was at my friend's house when I was telling her about Joanne's blog. Puan Rashidah took out her creations that she made for my friend, Effie, 33 years ago! Puan Rashidah at that time was a housewife residing in England so to kill time and of course dress up her cute daughter, she would crochet these wonderful little dresses that have withstood the test of time!!! From my observation, Puan Rashidah must have been the most patient crafter as I did not see any mistakes in them!!!

Thank you, Aunty for sharing this with us!!!

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Food For Tots April 13, 2009 at 2:59 PM  

This dress is indeed very well-preserved! Just wonder how many times it has been used. ;)

Sumay,  April 19, 2009 at 10:15 AM  

Good question, I have no idea but Puan Rashidah made a lot and some of them were passed on to other relatives. I guess it wasn't used often as children tend to out-grow their clothes after 1.5 years or so???

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